Safe. Fast. Reproducible.
Make your production environment work for you.

Ordain turns ops expertise into reproducible automation, so engineers can focus on what matters.

  • Trigger production workflows with a single click
  • Keep production knowledge fresh with executable documentation
  • Add approval gates to sensitive production tasks

Give your team production superpowers, without sacrificing security or agility.

Fearlessly Fast Production Access

Make working in production simple, secure, and scalable for every engineer.

For Security & Compliance Teams

Align developer productivity with security & compliance goals

Unparalleled audit fidelity

Ordain records every production operation, including commands executed, output, errors, and exit codes. This provides a comprehensive audit trail that satisfies even the strictest compliance requirements.

Granular approval permissions

With Ordain, you can set up granular approval rules based on user roles, task sensitivity, and more. Sensitive operations can require explicit approval, while routine tasks can be pre-approved for specific users or groups.

Effortless Zero Trust adoption

Ordain makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust principles without disrupting workflows, by serving as an alternative to typical “privileged user” access patterns. By onboarding your organization’s common production routines to Ordain, you make it easier to rollout least-privilege access and identity-based security practices.

For DevOps Teams

Scale operational expertise effortlessly

Reduce downtime & MTTR

Your ops experts can provide preset investigation and remediation tasks that can be executed immediately with one click. All actions are logged for posterity and learning.

Enforce best practices with versioned tasks

Codify your ops best practices into reusable, versioned tasks. Every engineer can execute them with confidence, knowing they're using the most up-to-date and approved methods. No more mistyped commands or outdated runbooks.

Empower teams with production playbooks

Create step-by-step production playbooks that guide engineers through complex operations. Include rich text, code snippets, and links to relevant docs. Every engineer can work like your most seasoned ops expert.

For Software Engineers

Put your expertise on autopilot

Executable documentation

Ordain lets you invoke production tasks directly from your documentation. No more switching contexts or hunting for the right script. Just click and go, right from your docs.

Customizable production toolkit

Ordain's remote runners can be customized with your preferred tools and configs. Ensure every engineer has a consistent, pre-configured environment for their production workflows, without needing to set up their local machine.

Revisit & resume past operations

Ordain keeps a record of every operation, so you can easily revisit past work. See the exact commands that were run, their output, and who ran them. Resume right where you left off, or share the context with a teammate.

Fearless, fast production access

With Ordain's approval workflows and access controls, even new hires can work fearlessly in production. Sensitive operations are protected by an approval system, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting user data. Tasks can also be marked as safe — like gathering machine diagnostics or enabling trace logs — in which case they’re executed immediately, without needing an approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ordain improve security compared to traditional production access methods?
  • Traditional production access methods involve a “privileged user” — a person with elevated permissions that allow them to perform sensitive, typically ad-hoc operations in your cloud environment.
  • Ordain is inherently more secure, because it’s built on better fundamentals. By centralizing production access through Ordain, you can implement strong security controls without hindering engineer productivity:
    • Execute production operations in an ephemeral environment, constructed specifically for the task
    • Enforce least-privilege permissions on a per-task basis
    • Require approval for sensitive actions, with customizable approval workflows
    • Maintain a detailed audit trail of all production actions for compliance and incident response
    • Integrate with your existing identity provider for secure authentication and access control
What is the typical workflow in Ordain?
  • Developers can submit tasks, either as a one-click operation for existing tasks in the Ordain UI, or by submitting a script-based ad-hoc tasks from their local terminal via the `ordain` CLI.
  • Submitted tasks are executed on a remote Ordain runner agent. The results are all recorded in Ordain and viewable from the web UI — output, errors, and exit code.
  • If the task is ad-hoc or marked as sensitive, it needs to be approved before it can execute.
How does Ordain improve developer productivity?
  • Traditional production access methods like SSH are a bottleneck for developer productivity. They force a trade-off between security and agility, adding friction and cognitive overhead to common tasks. Ordain solves this by providing:
    • Secure, self-service access to pre-approved production tasks
    • Automated guardrails and approval flows for sensitive actions
    • Full visibility and auditability of all production activities
  • With Ordain, developers can execute common production tasks quickly and safely, without needing to context switch or worry about causing unintended issues. This can save hours of productive time per developer per week.
  • For engineering leaders, Ordain provides the control and visibility needed to ensure security and compliance, while still enabling developers to move fast and ship value. It's a win-win for productivity and risk management.
How does Ordain handle data privacy and compliance?
  • Ordain is designed with data privacy and compliance in mind. All data about your production resources and operations is stored securely in your own cloud environment, not Ordain's. You have full control and ownership of your data.
  • Ordain provides detailed audit trails and logging that can help satisfy compliance requirements such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.
  • Ordain's granular permission controls and approval workflows also help enforce compliance policies and prevent unauthorized access.
How does Ordain integrate with our existing tools and processes?
  • Ordain is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing development and DevOps toolchains. It provides:
    • A REST API and CLI for usage from your personal computer, as well as for programmatic integration with CI/CD pipelines, ChatOps, and other automation tools
    • Customizable remote execution environments that can be pre-configured with your preferred tools and configs
    • Plug-and-play integrations with popular tools such as Terraform, Docker Compose, and Kubernetes; as well as support for VM-based deployments
What's the learning curve for my team to start using Ordain?
  • Ordain is designed to be intuitive for developers and ops teams to use.
    • The web UI provides a simple point-and-click interface for executing pre-defined tasks, while the CLI allows for more advanced scripting and ad-hoc operations.
    • On-demand documentation including quickstart guides, tutorials, and sample workflows to help teams get up to speed quickly.
    • For organizations who need more hands-on assistance, Ordain offers onboarding support and professional services to ensure a smooth rollout and adoption.
How does Ordain scale as my team and infrastructure grow?
  • Ordain is built to scale with your organization. It provides:
    • Usergroup-based features that allow teams to grow independently while enabling effective collaboration, centralization, and administration
    • A distributed architecture that can handle high volumes of concurrent tasks and users
    • Horizontal scaling of remote execution nodes to support growing infrastructure and workloads
    • Enterprise-grade features such as OIDC SSO, RBAC, and auditing to meet the needs of large-scale deployments
  • Whether you have a team of 10 or 1,000 — Ordain can grow with you and ensure that your production operations remain efficient, organized, and secure.

Unleash Your Engineers' Superpowers

Give your team the power to move fast, without breaking things. With Ordain, engineers can fearlessly ship value while security and ops breathe easy.

Book a demo and see how Ordain can:

  • Reduce MTTR by 70%
  • Save each engineer 5+ hours per week
  • Enforce guardrails without sacrificing agility